Writing, it is said, is the easy part of journalism. The hard part is first in building people’s trust, then securing the interviews and finally in asking the right questions. The writing comes last. I keep these four tenets of good journalism foremost in my mind.

I take complex, technical information and turn it into lively, readable content for diverse audiences. And I regularly work to tight deadlines to deliver high quality articles thanks to my contacts book.

My specialisms range from accountancy, financial technology and corporate governance to workplace, property and leadership. But I can write about pretty much anything with enough time to research.

Examples of my work here.



When you have laboured over a piece of writing the last thing you want is for someone to come along and rewrite it.

But all writing — the best authors will agree — benefits from a rigorous editing process.

A good editor can extract the needless adjectives, turn the passive into the active and ditch the jargon to produce a compelling story.

In today’s fast paced world of data overload it couldn’t be easier to publish content. But mistakes can put off a reader and deter future clients. And it is not always easy to reach your target audience amid the digital noise.

I can improve all manner of writing — from websites and newsletters to white papers and reports — to ensure you get read.



There is an art to commissioning. As someone who has worked as both side of the fence I know a good brief when I see one.

Editors should have a clear idea of what they want from a piece of writing. But allow enough flexibility so that the writer is not constrained. Editors should be able to outline and direct, so that the writer can meet expectations and the editor isn’t let down at the last minute.

I can help you navigate the commissioning and ideas generating process so that you can enlist the writer that will meet your needs.


Content Management

We are all publishers now. But getting the right tone, style and format for the right audience is harder than it looks.

I can weave a narrative for your new website that ensures clients know who you are and what you do. If you just want to refresh your content or social channels I can help you work out what your communications strategy needs.

If you need content or ideas for blog writing, case studies, newsletters or other communications I can help you unlock your expertise, showcase your organisation and reach your audience.


Moderator + Event Host

Once you have your target audience you may want to take it to the next step and host a panel, conference or presentation.

My journalistic rigour makes me an ideal panel chair to help organisations create intelligent and engaging events.